Related Project: Arts Center, Events Center & Hotel Feasibility Study

21 Feb 2020

This month, findings from a market analysis and feasibility study were presented to City Council during a regular Tuesday night meeting. Although the consultants have not yet reviewed locations for a potential performing arts complex or made recommendations on financing options, this information is related to the STEAM process as it is one of the elements envisioned by the community. Download and view this presentation in its entirety.

In the presentation, Johnson Consulting outlined "Phase 1" of the study. They asked questions such as:

  • How do Longmont's economics and demographics affect feasibility?
  • What other facilities exist in Longmont and surrounding areas?
  • What are other communities like Longmont doing with regard to these facilities?
  • What are the primary sources of demand for these facilities?
  • Are these sources of demand sufficient to support development of new facilities?
  • Should new facilities be developed from a market and demand perspective?
Johnson Consulting's analysis of the economic and demographic indicators were favorable "across the board" with findings of a higher concentration of young families relative to state and national averages; a robust, resilient and diverse economic base with low unemployment and healthy industry clusters; and residents having a high affinity for participation in arts programming and for attendance at arts events.

Arts Center

Johnson Consulting surveyed community members and received 1,005 responses to find what they were looking for in an arts center. Some answers included:
  • Capacity to accommodate performing arts audiences for anchor tenants, as well as commercial arts
  • Solve issues surrounding booking congestion, limited capacity, insufficient technical infrastructure, limited stage size, and food and beverage capabilities experienced at other Longmont venues
  • Multiple venues allow for performances to occur in either larger and more intimate venues, and for performance to occur simultaneously
  • Room for growth in the future without overburdening Longmont today
  • Alleviates the severe lack of multi-purpose event space in Longmont and the surrounding areas as revealed by the event space inventory and area of opportunity chart

Events Center

For the events center, 119 responses were collected for what community members hoped to see in a future events center:
  • Accommodates a variety of event types and users of event space
  • Supports the need for event space reflected in the events center survey
  • Multiple event spaces allow for events that require both large general sessions and smaller breakouts, allow for multiple events to take place concurrently, and prevents unnecessary flipping of rooms

Key Findings

The top 2 reasons why respondents of the survey leave Longmont for arts events were:
  1. Events aren't offered in Longmont (85% of respondents)
  2. No facilities in Longmont to host these events (49% of respondents)
In the key findings for the Events Center Survey, 91% of organizations surveyed stated their most frequent event has less than 500 attendees with 31% of organizations surveyed stated their largest event has more than 500 attendees. However, 57% of organizations surveyed stated they exclusively host their events within Longmont.

What could be: Recommendations

Multipurpose Theater

  • 1,000-1,500 seats
  • Removable seats in the first tier to allow increase capacity for standing audiences or for flat floor, gala-style events
  • Proscenium stage with Wing Space
  • Lighting and A/V grid
  • Orchestra pit
  • Matches capacity of Multipurpose Hall to allow for seamless transitions when used in tandem

Multipurpose Room / Black Book

  • 5,000 sq. ft.
  • 300-350 removable seats
  • Flexible stage capabilities
  • Lighting and A/V grid

Multipurpose Hall

  • 20,000-30,000 sq. ft.
  • Highly divisible with flexible configurations
  • Accomodates multipurpose events and users

Meeting Rooms / Classrooms / Rehearsal Rooms

  • 10,000 sq. ft. in total
  • 14 meeting/classrooms/rehearsal rooms of varying sizes
  • Highly divisible with flexible configurations

Back of House & Supporting Spaces

  • Lobby and pre-functions areas
  • Commercial kitchen
  • green rooms and dressing rooms
  • Restrooms and storage

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