Who initiated this initiative? 

    Boulder County Public Health (BCPH), St Vrain Healthy Kids, and Healthy Longmont. 

    Why is the City involved in what appears on restaurant menus?

    To help make the healthy choice the easy choice, and to help families combat an alarming increase in childhood obesity, which leads to health conditions that have significant costs to everyone.

    What qualifies as a healthy beverage?

    Water with no added sugar, or dairy milk or non-dairy milk substitute with no added sugar.

    Would this ordinance prohibit what beverages restaurants can serve children? 

    No, it only impacts what appears on menus advertising kid's meals, when those meals include beverages.

    Who pays the cost of reprinting restaurant menus?

    Boulder County Public Health will reimburse restaurant owners for both this expense and for staff training materials.

    What are the penalties proposed by this initiative? 

    The first violation would result in a notice of violation; a second notice within a five year period from the first notice of violation would be sanction by a fine of not more than $250; and the fine for a third or subsequent violations within a five-year period would not be more than $500.

    Who would enforce this?

    Boulder County Public Health, as part of its pre-established restaurant inspection schedule.

    Would this initiative impact food trucks?

    No, this only impacts stationary restaurants.