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Project Update

18 Oct 2019

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After public feedback, revisions, etc., the Building STEAM project has developed a series of images of how the area looks currently and what it possibly could look like in the future. See below:

Current conditions:

What ideas did they have? -- Transit Sub Area

What ideas did they have? -- Dickens Sub Area

Public input aligned around:

Areas of Excitement/Interest:

  • Higher education/makerspace
  • Hotel/convention center
  • Mixed-use buildings
  • Parking structures
  • Overall mix of use (mix of entertainment and residential uses)
  • Live Work units

Areas of Concern:

  • Intensity/density and height of buildings
  • Higher buildings should be multi-use, not only apartments
  • Specific property owner concerns
  • Growth and effect on the environment

Areas of Mixed Reviews:

  • Performing Arts Center
  • Parks/green space
  • Housing (more, less, affordability)

What might it look like?

Action Step Recommendations from Advisory Panel

Library of the Future (13 votes):

  • Adopt STEAM goals and objectives with timeline
  • Transparent zoning
  • Transportation masterplan studies linking communities (5 votes)
  • Support transition to "Full Steam Ahead"

Library / Education / Cultural Combo:

  • Aggregate higher education / library / makerspace / Cultural and Performing Arts Center (12 votes)
  • Performing Arts and Convention Center (7 votes)
  • Education Center with Library (1 vote)
  • Consider new education models and partnership (1 vote)
  • Education resources (0 votes)

Development / Building:

  • Balance primary employment uses with residential (12 votes)
  • Embrace density -- increase building height/max height possible with community support (5 votes)


  • Integrate affordable housing throughout (12 votes)
  • Ensure equity of access -- Housing, transport, natural resources, library (4 votes)
  • Consider standards that are inclusive, sustainable (0 votes)

Environment / Sustainability:

  • Utilize sustainability evaluation system and triple bottom line (7 votes)
  • Protect riparian corridor (6 votes)
  • Establish parameters to protect natural resources (2 votes)


  • Emphasize multi-modal transport (6 votes)
  • Create car-free areas (2 votes)
  • Parking on periphery / buffer with railroad (2 votes)


  • Build infrastructure first / prioritize investing / funding (2 votes)
  • Market studies and data gathering before decision-marking (2 votes)
  • Complete plan with Council approval before moving on development (1 vote)
  • Acquire land (0 votes)

Comment below if you have any additional suggestions for the Action Step Recommendations or for the Council to consider:
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