Public Meeting #1 introduces Management Plan project, allows attendees to comment

6 months ago

The first Button Rock Management Plan public meeting was held on Thursday, July 25. The goal for this meeting was to introduce the Management Plan project and process to the local community.

The City and DHM presented to meeting attendees for about 20 minutes, giving a general overview the Management Plan goals and components, as well as future natural and cultural resources to be gathered in Summer 2019. After the Presentation the meeting attendees were invited to ask questions and provide comments. After a 10-minute comment period, meeting attendees were invited to review six (6) informational boards set up at the back of the meeting room, and attendees were invited to discuss additional questions, comments and concerns with DHM and City Staff. Attendees were encouraged to add comments to sticky notes and place the notes on the boards. A comment card box was also provided for attendees to leave additional comments.

There were 20 total attendees at the meeting that signed in. The City of Longmont had five (5) staff attend the meeting. The City of Boulder had one (1) attendee at the meeting, and the USFS had one (1) attendee. DHM had two (2) attendees at the meeting.

Most public comments during the presentation focused on the new dog regulations recently enforced at the Preserve. The majority of attendees who made comments about the new dog regulations were unhappy with the regulations and questioned why the regulations were added and necessary. The majority of the comments from the public during the Open House after the Presentation, when everyone was near the display boards, were focused on the need to revisit the dog regulations, and if this management plan process would be addressing further changes to the regulations. The majority of other comments were focused on the rules and regulations, parking constraints, and road traffic at the Preserve.

Combined Comments from Presentation and Open House:

  • 13 comments were related to the new dog regulations at the Preserve
  • 6 comments were related to rules and regulations at the Preserve including fees, permitting, or passes for visitors
  • 5 comments were related to parking constraints and increased road traffic
  • 3 comments were about trails and trail use
  • 3 comments were about the need for additional infrastructure at the Preserve including more trash cans, educational signage, and cell phone service
  • 1 comment was in regards to having no biking at the Preserve
  • 1 comment asked about adding accessible features to the Preserve
  • 2 comments were related to increasing staffing at the Preserve

Most public comments on the sticky notes focused on staffing at the Preserve, the new dog regulations at the Preserve, and on the overall goals for the Preserve. 31 total sticky notes were added to the six (6) informational boards.

Combined Comments from written sticky notes:

  • 10 notes commented on the need to increase staffing at the Preserve. Concerns were related to current staff spending significant time cleaning up after dogs, and increasing staff numbers in general to have time to focus on main goals of the Preserve (water quality).
  • 7 notes commented on the new dog regulations, and the need for more research before new rules are enforced.
  • 2 commented that they were in favor of the new dog regulations
  • 5 commented that they were unhappy with the new dog regulations, or wanted additional options other than 1 dog per person, on leash at all times
  • 5 notes commented on what were the most important goals for the Preserve? Water quality or recreation/dog walking?
  • 3 notes commented on signage at the Preserve: 2 commented to have additional signage at entrance educating visitors about parks/natural areas nearby that allowed dogs. 1 commented that additional signage was not necessary.
  • 2 notes commented on the presence of dog poop at the Preserve
  • 2 notes commented on the Survey #1 questions and analysis
  • 1 note commented on gladly paying for a pass to visit the Preserve
  • 1 note commented on what additional accessible recreation could be at the Preserve
  • 1 note commented that the staff have kept the outhouses clean

Visit the Relevant Links and Documents widget for copies of comments on the informational boards from this meeting.

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