St. Vrain Creek Corridor (Building STEAM Project)

City Council’s vision for Longmont’s places includes a well-developed Main Street from Pike Road to Highway 66, and river/creek corridor that stretches from the Sugar Mill to the Fairgrounds. This area is envisioned as a vibrant economic, residential, cultural and entertainment epicenter that is sustainable and respects the natural environment. To support this vision, some initial visioning work has been initiated to test concepts and gather feedback from the community. The following survey will ask about preferences for one section of the St. Vrain Creek corridor and 1st & Main Street; this general area is referred to as the Building STEAM area within the survey.

To further support this vision, the City is also working on the Main Street Corridor Plan; this effort is assessing land use, transportation, market needs, and opportunities for improvements to the entire Main Street Corridor. A separate survey will be available to gather input for other areas of Main Street. Visit the Main Street Corridor's Project Page >

A series of models and drawings have been put together to test potential redevelopment concepts with the community. The following survey questions are aimed at understanding the level of support and preferences for these concepts.

CLOSED: This survey has concluded.